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American Dad!

The misadventures of Stan Smith and his wacky family. Stan works for the C.I.A., and is constantly on the look-out for terrorists. He loves his family and will do anything to protect them, and his country. Francine, Stan's wife, she has had a past life of drugs, but has carefully hidden her party-girl personality for the sake of the conservative man she loves. She met Stan after college. Hayley, the teenage daughter of the family, currently attending community college. Despite her father's best efforts, she has turned out to be a left-wing liberal. Stan loves his daughter, but that doesn't necessarily mean he trusts her. Steve, the dorky son, he tries to act cool, but fails. Steve is on the verge of puberty, but he just can't quite make it. His low social status sometimes leads him to taking drastic action. But no matter what he does, he's still just a dork. Roger, a sarcastic alien rescued by Stan from Area 51. He resents not being allowed to leave the house, so he's resorted to drinking wine and smoking cigarettes. Klaus, a German-speaking goldfish, he was a C.I.A. experiment that went horribly wrong when they tried transplanting a German man's brain into a goldfish. Klaus lusts after Francine, and will take any opportunity that comes his way.

Genre: Animation, Comedy

Actor: Kevin Michael Richardson, Patrick Stewart, Dee Bradley Baker, Wendy Schaal, Seth MacFarlane, Chris Diamantopoulos, Fred Tatasciore, David Koechner, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Alan Tudyk

Director: Ron Hughart,Brent Woods,Anthony Lioi,Rodney Clouden,Pam Cooke,Joseph Daniello,Tim Parsons,Jansen Yee,Chris Bennett,Josue Cervantes,Shawn Murray,Valerie Fletcher,Jennifer Graves,John Aoshima,Albert Calleros,Bob Bowen,Caleb Meurer,Mike Kim,Kurt Dumas

Country: United States

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HDRip

Release: 2005

IMDb: 7.3