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Undoubtedly, something is going on in the once-peaceful late-1980s town of Derry, Maine, as a seemingly endless string of violence, murder, and unaccountable child disappearances terrorise the small community. Against the backdrop of anguished remorse after the recent death of the innocent six-year-old, Georgie Denbrough, the close-knit band of school pariahs, or The Losers' Club--Georgie's troubled older brother, Bill; the bullied new classmate, Ben Hanscom; the ill-treated, Beverly Marsh; the asthmatic, Eddie Kaspbrak; the playful, Richie Tozier, and the fastidious, Stanley Uris--pluck up the courage to confront their well-hidden childhood fears and the blood-curdling clown-like shape-shifter who lives in their twisted visions. Nevertheless, is the malevolent bright-eyed demon, indeed, the nightmarish creature that horrifies Derry? Either way, the otherworldly entity needs to feed, and the young team of defenders are no match for him. Do they have what it takes to face IT?

Duration: 135 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7.3